Monday, May 2, 2011

Felt Daisy headband

This little cutie will never have too many hair things! This headband really is so simple!




permanent fabric glue( I use fabritac found at Joanns)

Elastic or clip to attach flower to

1. You will need to cut 6 large ovals with one flat end (this is where you will glue the ends together to make a cup shape) Then cut 6 smaller ovals for the top layer. You will then cut a circle to glue all the petals on to.

2. Put a dab of glue on one corner of flat end of oval then pinch with fingers...

3. Glue petals on to circle with sides touching each other. I ended up with a gap on bottom layer so I cut a leaf and glued the end the same as I did the petals to fill in the extra space. Then glue the smaller petals right on top of the bottom layer.

4. I wanted something in the center so I made a tiny rossette out of scrap fabric then glued it on... and voila! You're done. You can attach to any hair accessory you would like!

5. I measured my baby's head by simply wrapping the elastic around her head then cut it where it wouldn't be too loose, but not too tight. I glued the ends of elastic on a small circle of felt then glued that directly onto bottom of flower (that way your elastic ends are hidden and it looks nicer!)

Happy crafting!

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Dave and Tana said...

Yea! I think I can handle this one. I think next time you see Ansleigh she will have a felt flower on!!