Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunshine plushie

Don't you just hate how expensive kids toys are and how quickly they grow out of them? My 4 month old is always chewing and playing with her binkie ribbon so I made this little taggie, crinkly, plushie stuffed toy for her. She already loves it with all the ribbons she can pull on. It would also be cute to do a boy version with boy colors!

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ribbon (all different colors, textures, and lengths)

Minkie fabric

stuffing fibers

needle and thread/embroidery thread

plastic bag for making it "crinkly" (how would you spell that?)

sewing machine

1. Cut out 2 ovals of your fabric then cut your ribbon all different lengths

2. Fold your ribbon in half and pin onto oval with folded ends facing in toward the center on right side of fabric (that way when you sew your front and back pieces together the tags will be hanging out...)

3. Sew along the edge to secure your ribbon.

4. Hand sew a face on the front with your embroidery thread (you could trace one then sew along your lines...) I wanted mine to have eyelashes to make it more girly, but you could comeup with whatever face you would like!

5. Cut a piece of plastic as big as your oval. Sew on the back of the front of your sun... Make sense? That way it will end up on the inside of your plushie... Now sew your back and front with right sides together. Make sure to leave a portion of it unsewn so you can flip it inside out and stuff it...

6. Flip it so your right sides are now out and stuff with your filling. Then pin your unsewn hole so you can hand sew it shut.

7. Hand sew with same color thread. Minkie fabric will hide your thread well so it doesn't look hand sewn. And you are done!

Now you have a fun little plushie for your little one!

Happy crafting!

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Corinne Marie said...

That turned out really cute. I have seen blankets with the ribbons along the outside, but I liked that you stuffed this and the face is super cute. So fun and not too hard. I might even be able to do this one if I had reason to.